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  • Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Part 7: So what does a healing session with me look like?

    A healing session with me includes aspects from each of Parts 1 - 6 of this article series.

    Meta Health analysis   of what  you are experiencing
    Your health concerns, symptoms, emotions, associated traumatic events.

    Discovering the meaning, your beliefs, and values of what is going on in your life. 

    Understanding how your body responds (mind, body and brain) within the 2 Phases.

    And if the beliefs you hold that underpin every action you take, are actually yours or come from someone else.

    Specific Therapy Plan and Conscious Actions:
    You will be guided to feel into your experience and what comes up for you.
    This may be a memory, a picture / image, sound, smell, taste, a thought, an emotion, or just a sense of something.
    I will ask where do you feel it in your body?   And if it has a colour,  a shape,  a size?

    In allowing your feelings and sensations, you can
        Acknowledge and Validate them,  and with guidance,  Accept them    
        Realise what they have come to tell you
        Recognise the belief and strategy you have repeatedly utilised

    When you go to your younger self / your little self,  frozen in the moment of trauma,  how will they feel,  when free from their trapped experience - the time when they felt powerless,  alone,  isolated,  with no strategy?

    When you are willing to reach out to your ECHO’s,  and give them a voice,  a way to move through,  and learn from,  their traumatic experiences,  a chance to create a new meaning and belief -  What could the freedom and learning, be for you?

    In getting out of your body’s way you can allow healing to occur on many levels - cellular, body organ, mind, brain  …..

    For myself, I have been back to many of my ECHO’s.  It is a powerful experience and one of amazing learning and realisation. When something comes up for me,  I go back to my younger self - to my ECHO’s who repeatedly now say,  “You have come to me. I was wondering when you were going to come to me”.  And then together,  myself now and my ECHO then,  explore what was traumatic for them at that time.  Beautiful experiences I cherish. Each creates deeper understanding and personal growth in who I am and what shaped decisions and experiences over my life.

    2 Phases and 8 Milestones

    Finding the root cause,  exploring to release & let it go,  guidance to feeling calm, peaceful and light.  In Flow

    We go beyond a quick fix to building trust in the body’s wisdom and healing ability

    Depending on how you feel, we may ask for guidance from our higher self & divine wisdom (Universe, Source. God ….. - whatever name you wish)    We are energetic beings, and affect and are affected by energy around and within us.    
    Learning to Understand symptoms, health concerns and why you feel a particular way, decreases fear.  Increasing curiosity and reducing / eliminating fear creates space to grow.

    Learn to develop your curiosity in all areas of your life - what has this come to teach you.  What can I learn from this experience.  Self discovery and a sense of self purpose.
    No blame.

    Healing in an energy of love not fear

    “embrace and learn from your own challenges”  Robert Schwartz  ‘Your Soul’s Gift’

    “It is never too late to have a happy childhood” 1

    Heal yourself and your little one  (your children and / or your inner you)
    Reconnection, love and compassion is the way forward for us, our children and our world
    Safe, Secure, Nurtured and Loved

    1.   Davidson, K.  M.

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    • 1  to  1  consultations in Nelson

    • Online consultations worldwide via Skype, Facebook video / phone.

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    • Free 15 minute intro chat

    • Presentations: 

                Prenatal care     

                Why Newborn Babies Need Skin to Skin Nurturing
                                  The impact of separation      

                The Mind - Body - Brain - Social  Connection              

                 Thyroid Imbalance

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  • Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Part 6: Matrix Reimprinting

    In part 5 I introduced you to Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT ) which is based on our body’s energy pathways  (meridians).

    In Matrix Reimprinting we use EFT to go back, through our timeline, to the root cause of our health concern, symptom, emotion, belief, thought, or behavioural pattern.

    To gently connect, disassociated, to the traumatic times in our life.  

    Those times of trauma when a little part of us froze in our subconscious - ‘split off’ to protect us.

    When we made decision to keep us safe - a strategy,  a belief.

    And then, throughout our life, we subconsciously continued to use this strategy and belief.
    But we have forgotten where and why it all started and have little realisation how much it continues to affect our decision making.

    Matrix Reimprinting is a way back to our younger little self, down our timeline to the beginning.

    A chance to give our younger self, a voice to say, and do, what they couldn’t do then.

    We call this younger self,  our ECHO  (Energy Conscious Hologram).

    Remember, our subconscious records everything we experience.  Matrix Reimprinting creates a opportunity to access it.

    We resource the ECHO to feel safe 

    To remain safe is paramount at all times. We ask the ECHO what belief they made at that time - that ‘split off’ moment - and we ask our current self, how it has been serving us since.

    Remember the 4 components of a traumatic event from Part 3:  

    Unexpected    Dramatic for us    Isolating (alone)    No strategy 

    When we go to our younger self and they have us and others of their choice,  they are no longer alone.

    With love, nurturing, and protection, the ECHO can become empowered and create their new strategy.

    We move the ECHO through the trauma and help them release it

    We then Reimprint their most powerful beautiful image - with all their new chosen positive sights, smells, sounds, tastes, feelings, sensations, colours …..          (activating the now positive senses)

    Within minutes new neural pathways form and their new belief is created.

    A further area of passion for me is that of our birth.

    Birth is the beginning of many health concerns

           Pre, during, and post our birth

                     Our birth and birth of our children

    Beliefs are formed in utero and at our birth

    Matrix Birth Reimprinting

    Enables us to explore these beliefs, patterns of behaviour, and health concerns that began pre, during, and post birth.


    • A baby unplanned or unwanted may have lifelong issues of feeling of rejected.
    • The Cord around a baby’s neck at birth may be linked to not wanting to wear anything tight around the neck.
    • A Forceps delivery may create a feeling of being pressured in life, stuck / held back or the need for someone to ‘pull them out’ of a situation.

    A further term I wish to introduce is

    Epigenetics    The science of switching on and off of genes (DNA)

    The most important message is     Genes are not our destiny

    Bruce Lipton states:  "Change your beliefs, change your life destiny"

    This short video links you to this powerful message within the  2016  Matrix Reimprinting Conference  video link

    We have an opportunity, for us, and our children, to examine and change our emotions, our belief system for more supporting enriching ones, and heal our health challenges and concerns.

    A powerful technique for nearly any emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual issue.

    And to perhaps Understand our Soul Path

    So I ask the questions:

    Are you going to leave your younger self trapped in an experience - alone, isolated, with no strategy


    Are you willing to reach out to your ECHO’s, and give them a voice, a way to move through, and learn from, their traumatic experiences?

    A chance to create a new meaning and belief.  

    How might it affect your life now in your search for loving relationships, happiness and wellbeing?

    Who might you become?

    Those who experience Matrix Reimprinting hold many amazing stories - of release of traumatic experiences they have carried for decades and an understanding and personal growth they never knew possible.

    Are you curious to discover more meaning and purpose in your life ?

    In part 7  I will answer the question:

    So what does a healing session with me look like?

  • Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting - Part 5: What is EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

    When we are using Matrix Reimprinting I will be guiding you to use an emotional and physical healing tool created by Gary Craig ( ) called Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT, is based on our body’s energy circuits (meridians) traditionally used for thousands of years in acupuncture and many other healing techniques.

    When we experience a distressing event that was traumatic for us, our body’s energy system is disrupted. At this time we create an electrical charge and store it within our subconscious mind, a record of the event and a reminder to protect us in case we experience it again in our life. We also form a belief about the world in this moment.

    The first event is usually in our early years, from our very beginning as a tiny embryo (or before), our birth, and as a young child when we were learning about our world and our place in it. From there on in our lives, when a memory of that early event is triggered, our body’s energy system is once again disrupted and we also trigger an associated emotion.

    An emotion creates a cascade of effects on our body affecting energy flow and chemical changes throughout many body organs and our hormonal system. Basically, if our mind doesn’t or can’t deal with stress, our body will store it. Increasing and overwhelming stress can lead to illness, pain, anxiety, and many other health concerns. This, and our beliefs, also influence the decisions we make throughout our life.

    Tapping on specific points on our body, enables us to release energy disruption and emotion in our mind and body.

    The graphic image below shows you where these EFT tapping points are.

    ** Tapping Point Graphic by Karl Dawson

  • Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting - Part 4: Our Response to a Stress Trigger

    This is where I introduce you to

    The Meta-Health Two Phases Model

    When we experience a something that was a conflict for us - Unexpected,  Dramatic,  Isolating,  and we have No strategy for, our body responds with a ‘biological special programme’.

    This scientifically rigorous and reproducible ‘programme’, is a natural science based on five biological laws.

    Our mind,  brain  and specific body tissue responds in a precise manner.

    We enter Stress Phase (2).  We may now feel and experience body tension,  stress,  obsessive thinking,  sleeplessness,  cooler body,  hands and feet,  nervousness,  and our pulse rate and blood pressure are likely to be elevated.

    In Stress phase our Sympathetic Nervous System is active - our fight, flight or freeze response. However, if we are busy in our lives, we may not notice stress phase.

    When we take an appropriate action, make a strategy, have a solution present itself, or reconnect with a deeper meaning for our symptoms, we experience the Regeneration Trigger (3)  and enter the Regeneration Phase (4).

    We can now feel and experience many symptoms characteristic that our Parasympathetic Nervous System is active - the need to eat, sleep and regenerate. When we have fatigue,  tiredness,  a desire for food,  warmer skin hands and feet,  fever,  a slower pulse and lower blood pressure,  weight gain  and the need to rest and sleep, we are in Regeneration Phase. We usually also experience a sense of relief and difficulty in thinking clearly. Any redness,  heat,  flu,  most joint pains,  skin rashes,  eczema,  headaches,  dizziness and anything diagnosis that ends in ‘itis’,  tells us our body is in Regeneration Phase.

    On full resolution we regain our Health (5).

    The length of time we are in each phase depends on the intensity and duration of the conflict we experience.

    If we are retriggered during any part of this biological process, the path is interrupted. This can lead to chronic or recurring conditions. If we do not find a strategy to regenerate, we remain in the Stress phase.

    As you may have realised, this process is occurring simultaneously on many levels and with different body tissues.

    Some examples


    Organ: Skin Epidermis (outer layer of our skin)

    Stress Trigger Theme:  Separation - Touch we wanted and didn’t have, or unwanted touch

    Eczema symptoms come in Regeneration Phase: Hot, inflamed, red, itchy skin

    Common Cold

    Stress Trigger Theme:  This stinks or I am fed up with this

    In Regeneration Phase we experience a runny nose, sneezing, irritated nasal passages

    Lower back pain

    Organ: Bone / Joints

    Stress Trigger Theme:  Self worth - not strong or good enough, worthless

    Ask where are you feeling unsupported by others or unable to support yourself

    Stress Phase:  Maybe unnoticed

    Regeneration Phase:  Back pain, inflammation, tiredness, fatigue

    Knee pain

    Stress Trigger Theme:  Self worth - not strong / good enough

    Wanting to kick something or someone away or move forward in an area of our life

    Regeneration Phase:  Pain, maybe swelling, decreased function

    Neck pain

    Stress Trigger Theme:  Feelings of injustice.

    Maybe thoughts and feelings could be traced back to a person or situation where we were treated unfairly

    Pain is in Regeneration


    Stress Trigger Theme:  Unable to swallow or accept something

    Tonsillitis comes in Regeneration Phase: Red, swollen tonsils, pain on swallowing, fever, feeling very tired

    Overactive Thyroid

    Stress Trigger Theme:  Survival issue of being too slow, not quick enough - need to go faster, get things done

    Stress Phase symptoms:  Overexcited, nervous, irritable, trouble sleeping, higher blood pressure


    Stress Trigger Theme:  Something resisted, or felt fearful, disgusted and humiliated about


    Stress Trigger Theme:  Visual separation. Lost sight of someone (or pet), loved one moved away, left, died,  or  we were not allowed to see someone  or  we did not want to see someone

    Regeneration Phase:  Conjunctivitis (pink eye). Red, burning, itchy, watery eyes. Inflammation also often involves inside of eyelids


    Stress Trigger Theme:  Not wanting to hear something (social) or needing to hear something (survival).

    Tinnitus comes in Stress phase - Ringing, buzzing, humming, whistling, clicking, tinkling, hissing, roaring in the ear.

    Tinnitus can also continue into early Regeneration phase

    From the above list you will have likely realised that many symptoms come in Regeneration Phase. It is our 2nd biological phase of healing. If we acknowledge our thoughts, feelings and symptoms, and take the action our body is asking us to take - to rest and support healing, we will move through the process faster and with more ease.

    In Part 5 we will explore Matrix Reimprinting and EFT

  • Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting - Part 3: Further Understanding

    How does our mind work?

    We have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind.

    Conscious Mind

    With our conscious mind we analyse ourselves and our environment. It is the part of our mind that holds our wishes and desires and it enables us to think in past, present and future.

    Subconscious Mind

    Our Subconscious (unconscious) mind is a data base where we have multiple programmes and beliefs running.

    We may think ‘we’ are in control but actually 95% of our actions and responses are subconscious.

    This part of our mind contains our learned and recorded behaviours, responses and beliefs - programming that shapes our every action. (Joe Dispenza / Bruce Lipton)

    Where do we get this from?

    From the conclusions and beliefs we make about our experiences.

    Much of our subconscious learning is subtle and non verbal, conclusions from powerful learning experiences. We download these from our parents, schools, church, friends, siblings, communities ……

    We also learn them from unconscious modelling and repetition.

    Much of this occurs in our 1st 6 years of life when our brain does not have any ability to filter information. Everything we experience and perceive to be about ourselves is purely and simply downloaded. Everything from the environment in which we live hardwired into our subconscious mind. And it is this that shapes our thinking and actions from there on.

    What about thoughts and emotions - what are these?

    Thoughts and emotions are chemical energy that flood our body. Lots of similar thoughts create a belief, and a strong neural pathway in our brain with lots of energy attached.

    We continuously sense vibration and energy

    Our mind, body and brain function in synchronicity, and together, continuously sense the vibration and energy of our environment and social connections. Newborn babies know this - They, like us as we grow, are always sensing; am I safe or unsafe.

    What about feeling unsafe?

    We are designed to sense danger - it is a basic survival need. If we see a tiger, we are meant to fear and activate an immediate survival response. However, in society now, we are triggered so frequently to move into survival fight, flight, freeze responses, and so many people exist in this survival response all the time. Always on alert.

    What happens when we have a traumatic experience?

    A ‘shock’ - a distressing event

    Unanticipated       Dramatic      Isolating       No strategy

    3 areas are simultaneously impacted

    1. Our mind

    2. Our Brain - in a very specific area to the shock experienced

    3. A very specific corresponding area in our body

    And a process is activated.

    A little part of us freezes in that moment - all nuances of what happened - sounds, smells, sight, tastes, self talk - all recorded in an area of our brain called the Amygdala.

    Why does our brain do this?

    To protect us.   A strategy to survive.

    And at this time we make a belief - ‘its all my fault, mummy doesn't love me, I am bad, not smart, not pretty …… and so on. A belief of how we saw the world in that moment.

    Our body responds - if we have no strategy we freeze and a little part of us splits off - trapped in time in that moment. It is recorded in our memory, within our subconscious brain and our field.

    From there on, whenever something comes up - a thought, reminder (sound, sight, smell, feeling, taste, self talk), we are retriggered back to that time and the belief strategy we formed in case it happened again. Each time we are retriggered it strengthens the nerve pathway, creating a faster connection.

    "Brain cells that fire together, wire together" - a fast connection in our subconscious brain.

    And It affects our life without us realising, a programmed response according to the beliefs we hold.

    In Part 4 we explore our response to Stress Triggers further.

  • Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting - Part 2: How does Meta Health inform us?

    Meta health provides us with extensive knowledge

    For example, when someone tells me they have a symptom:

    Lets say they have pain in their right shoulder,

    What is it?    Why is it there?     Well it depends.

    Remember, symptoms are only ‘symptoms’.

    So instead of becoming intolerant to them, learn to  listen to what they are telling you, to provide a smoother, quicker flow to wellness.
    The sooner you  acknowledgevalidate, and  accept your symptoms and emotions the sooner your body can heal.
    You are designed to learn from them so you can become wiser and stronger.

    Through using a Meta Health analysis process and asking specific questions, we can gain extensive insight into why a particular symptom or emotion, or thought process is occurring. This insight is linked to empirical evidence and scientific knowledge.

    These questions include:

    1. Are you right or left wired?  This is not necessarily the hand you write with. Our ‘wiredness’ is important as it has specific meaning for the symptomatic area of your body. 

    2.  What does the associated part of you do biologically?  Its function in your body.

    3.  What relay of the brain controls that part of the body

    This is laid down in your 1st 20 days of life as a tiny embryo. 
    Each of the 4 main areas (relays) of your brain govern precise organ tissues

    4.  What are the themes, the thoughts and the emotions associated with each specific organ tissue?   The specific ‘secret’ language of your body.

    5.  What is going on in your life when you first felt the symptom / emotion?       

    6.  What happened before and since?
    For the shoulder, I would ask, where in your life do you feel responsible for  something  -  like carrying a weight on your shoulders.
    If part of your body aches,  I would ask,  what did you begin to feel better about just before it started to ache.

    7. If there is swelling it tells me you felt isolated, alone, and abandoned.  Part of your kidney is activated when you feel this.

    So now those who understand Meta Health have many answers to these questions and can guide you in your healing.

    Short Video: What is Meta-Health about   (From Meta-Health Conference 2017 In India)

    In part 3 we will explore how our brain works.

  • Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting - Part 1

    An Introduction to Meta Health

    Throughout history people have come to look at things differently   
    New science, new discoveries, new knowledge.  
    I would like to take you on a journey.   
    A new understanding of health, wider and deeper
    Linking, exploring, discovering.

    So, What is Meta Health
    An analysis process involving the meaning of illness / disease
    A method for mind body healing and latest advances for coaching and therapy
    Ancient wisdom and modern science
    ‘Meta’ - the big picture
    Incorporates information from many fields      
    A foundation for all health professionals
    A new paradigm of the future   

    Background Understanding
    We are social beings and we need our family, our community, and others.
    Our body is intelligent and has order and structure  
    Our body never makes mistakes, and nothing our body does is random.
    Dis-ease is a meaningful process - a specific response to a perceived traumatic event - someone yelled at us, hurt us, said something unkind about us or we thought they did, we saw something  …..
    Every symptom has a bio - logical and psychological meaning  -
        A symptom is our body’s way of telling us something is not right.

    Western medicine has generally accepted the connection between stress and illness but has moved away from the root cause for what we are experiencing.

    And little is discussed about the connection between our mind, body, spiritual, and social health.  

    When we experience disconnect from others, we may feel isolated, anxious, and fearful and many other thoughts and feelings, yet so frequently these beliefs and emotions are not addressed.

    Our  stress triggers,  emotions,  thoughts,  and beliefs

    Impact on our organ tissues, and create specific body responses and symptoms. Though we usually only want to suppress them to make them go away.

    What if we could understand our emotions and symptoms and use them as a guidance system.

    To embrace them with curiosity. Like a road map connecting what they mean.

    In Part 2 we will look at how Meta Health provides us with the knowledge to understand our symptoms and emotions.

  • Why Newborn Babies Need Skin to Skin Nurturing - Part 4

    In part One I introduced why I felt the need to write about this.

    Part Two looked at the infant’s amazing senses and critical periods of development.

    In Part Three we continued our learning of epigenetics and the microbiome, and explored the dependency and interrelationship of newborn infants with their mother, father, and others special to them.

    In part Four we will review how separation can impact on the infant’s life, and when separation has occurred, how we may be able to address this and the effect later in life, to soften its impact and enable some resolution and healing.

    Early care can profoundly alter an infant throughout their life and effects of separation can be extensive. To a baby it is a life - death situation when separated from their mother. Separation disrupts an infant’s behaviour and development 1 and there is extensive research on its effects especially if repeated. Effects not only for the infant, their mother, father, and family but also on society.

    Sharon King, author of ‘Heal your Birth Heal your Life’ 2, writes of life long anxiety, hypervigilence, fear and shame, the inability to regulate ones emotions, an exaggerated stress response and decreased resilience, all relating back to separation at and around birth.

    Gabor Mate 3. 4,  also writes extensively on this subject and includes a long list of effects, especially if separation continues during early childhood. Depression; socio-moral immaturity; relationship problems; trust, low self esteem and attachment problems; disconnect with others; behavioural and learning issues; aggression, violence and addiction; a feeling of being disempowered, rejected, unloved, unwanted or abandoned which may even lead to mental illness and or suicide; physical illness such as asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer. All can relate back to separation issues, many of which may have originated at our birth.

    Klaus & Kennel (1976) 5 research, informs us that “a mother’s interaction with her child during the first few hours of life critically affects her attitude towards her child for at least the next 5 years”.
    Lack of maternal feeling for her child increases her potential for child abuse. We need to ensure that as parents, families and health professionals, we honour and respect the mutual need for maternal and newborn infant skin to skin contact to optimise their attachment and bonding.

    My research, training and knowledge 6, 7, has enlightened me to many health concerns that originate from feelings of separation and the very specific biological response to something experienced. These include skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis, rashes …), eye disorders such as conjunctivitis, squint, some cornea / lens disorders, and those involving the tear ducts and eyelids. Others involve the ear, nasal mucosa, sinuses, and more. Also when we feel isolated, abandoned and unloved, a biological process is activated in a specific part of our kidney, the kidney collecting tubule which results in retaining fluid and oedema in our body.
    I have witnessed specific cases including; a mouth ulcer that linked back to separation of a premature infant from her mother, isolated and alone in her incubator; a second time mother unable to breastfeed her first child presenting with eczema on her breast in the precise places he put his hands while breast feeding; conjunctivitis in infants separated then reunited with their mother … and more.

    We have established the need for skin to skin nurturing and that separation of a newborn baby from their mother is their primary cause of stress 8. So what if a premature, well, or unwell baby is temporarily separated from their mother after birth? Are they permanently affected by the loss of their early contact period? Research informs us that bonding and attachment are so vital for survival it can be compensated if a strong mother - infant connection occurs when they are reunited. However, the longer the separation, the greater the risk of insecure attachment. 9, 10.

    How can we reduce and mitigate the effects of separation for well, unwell and premature infants, at birth, in the following days and weeks, and at a later stage in life

    First, consider if the baby needs neonatal specialist care immediately following their birth. Can that be done while the baby is skin to skin on mum. If it is not essential, maybe it can wait for a little while. As Jill Bergman writes, “observations and tests can be done while leaving the newborn in his or her safe place”. 8

    Studies have shown us that the effect and how we respond, depends on how we perceive the experience. A newborn infant who knows they are being helped may have less effect than another, even from a similar experience. By anticipating, observing, listening and responding to all baby’s protest signals (varying heart rate, breathing, colour, oxygen levels, hand and body postures, facial expressions, cries), we can avoid their brain flooding with cortisol, and their resultant disassociation ‘tuning out’ response and consequent wiring emotional pathways associated with ‘the world is a dangerous place, I am not safe, nobody loves me …..’

    If mum is unable to be present initially, as is the reality currently in many neonatal units, having dad close can offset some effects. Tuning into his little one, providing partial skin to skin with his gentle loving hands, and quietly speaking to his baby enables soothing connection. Soft materials, dimmed lights, soft sounds, an overriding calmness, dad believing and telling him or her the nurses and doctors are helping him / her, can enhance baby’s increased feelings of safety. In this instance ensure a high priority for full skin to skin initially on dad (or significant other) then onto mum as soon as possible.  

    Keep something that has mum’s smell on it near baby - a blanket, head sheet, little octopus (the small knitted or crocheted soft toy gaining popularity in neonatal units 11). Mum’s voice on a tape may also provide comfort.

    We know that energy travels through time and space so encourage a mum who is physically separated from her baby, to create an energetic connection. To close her eyes, breathe in and out of her heart 12, 13. Then to imagine her baby is on skin to skin, and see, feel the touch, hear the sounds, smell, ‘taste’ the sweetness of her newborn baby. Breathe. Others present can guide her in this and quietly step back and allow the connection. Practicing this energetic connection before baby is born creates knowing and maybe increased connection post birth for mother and infant. Hypnosis, Matrix Reimprinting 14, Reiki, and other therapies have taught us we can connect energetically through time and space with someone anywhere in the world and in our past.

    Since 1974, Doctor David Chamberlain, a California psychologist, author and editor, began using hypnotherapy to discover and resolve traumas arising in the womb and at birth. In 1980 he demonstrated that babies remember birth and their memories are reliable 9. 14.  This phenomena is repeatedly demonstrated in Meta-Health, EFT, and Matrix Reimprinting sessions. We now know these memories are stored in ‘our field’ and can be revisited through our subconscious brain. Another vital fact is our subconscious mind does not know the difference between past, present and future. So when a person has suffered the trauma of separation all is not lost. Fortunately, human beings are capable of recovering from many types of trauma with appropriate insight, support, and healing techniques. 9  

    If you or your loved ones experience or have experienced any of the above, you may wish to explore this with a practitioner such as one who like myself is qualified in Matrix Reimprinting 14 who can gently and safely guide you back to your birth experience and help you release trauma you are unconsciously holding. You may be surprised, how, like many others who have felt the relief of freeing trapped emotions and trauma created at their birth and in their young childhood, you can change your perspective to give you a freedom you never thought possible.

    Bowlby in his ethological theory of attachment suggests that infants are born with an innate need to form an attachment bond with a caregiver to increase their chance of survival 15. 16. 17. 18. He also claims that “being skin-to-skin during the first hour after birth sets a pattern of behaviours between mothers and infants that supports continued body contact and carrying, and thus normal brain development of the infant” 9. Interestingly, Dr Prescott’s research 9 observed that cultures that carried their babies on the mother’s body throughout the first year of life, were more peaceful cultures. Those that did not, were more violent cultures. What a huge impact this has on our society on so many levels.

    Two videos you may enjoy, are produced by NIDCAP, an organisation providing education and guidance for hospitals in meeting the needs of newborn infants and their families. As stated in the video, care given to premature babies “will impact on their future and that of their parents” 19. 20 (‘Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program. Voice of the Newborn’).

    It is time to address the effects of separation from an individual and a societal perspective. A loving, caring attuned relationship between an infant and their mother, father, and family has wide implications for society. A society where nurturing care is fostered for all ages. Where every individual feels cherished, loved, connected and supported by others.

    Situations may arise where the mother is unable to provide the loving care and skin to skin contact for her infant. At these times a mother or father figure can form a wonderful attachment and bonding with the infant and provide the necessary love and support.

    I leave you with the wisdom of Nils Bergman a leading researcher on skin to skin for neonates 1. Every infant needs caring adults for their optimum neural development. All infants have highly conserved instincts and behaviours 21, but nothing can make sense for them without this.

    Bring back the paradigm where the sacred bond of infants and their mother and father is not compromised. A world where they feel safe to grow and discover to their highest potential. A world where skin to skin care is cherished and enables every infant to feel safe, secure, nurtured and loved.

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  • Why Newborn Babies Need Skin to Skin Nurturing - Part 3

    In part two we looked at the infant’s amazing senses and critical periods of development.

    In part three we continue our learning of epigenetics and the microbiome, and will explore the dependency and interrelationship of newborn infants with their mother, father, and others special to them.

    The science of epigenetics and theories of attachment have much to teach us. Epigenetics is the switching on and off of genes (DNA) in response to environmental influences. Yes you read that right. Your experiences change your gene expression, and in addition, key environmental factors during critical development periods, have life long effects. As Bruce Lipton1 teaches us, it is ‘nature x nurture’ (gene x environment).

    Our brain development is ordered and higher circuits build on lower circuits. But we need to experience critical periods for optimum brain development. These include smelling, touching, feeling, seeing, hearing, and sensing our mother.

    “It matters how we are born” - the first 1000 minutes and 1000 days are critical periods.2   Bonding research reaffirms the importance of the mother as the newborn's primary caregiver.3

    In regards to the microbiome, miss the window of opportunity to have colostrum in your first days of life and your gut bacteria will develop differently over your life. The work of Harman and Wakeford 4 provides increasing research of how our ancient microbiome, designed to protect us against many diseases, is degrading. This creates consequences and a significant impact on the infant’s life and what he or she is able to pass on to future generations. Microbes from a vaginal birth, breast milk as our source of food, and skin to skin nurturing, provide the ideal environment for optimal functioning of the newborn baby’s intestinal tract and immune system and has lifelong effects.

    So what can parents and all those caring for babies do to ensure every baby feels safe and receives care that optimises their development?

    Provide gentle, loving, safe care at all times - during birth and following. Loving hands, skin to skin nurturing, soft lights, quiet sounds, warm soft materials, breast feed and give mother’s colostrum / breast milk. No routine procedures in this precious first hour. Newborn babies need to smell, touch, feel, hear, taste, and see their mother without interruption. Zero separation. The first hour is an alert time for most babies and critical for firing and wiring maternal infant attachment. It is a two way process not only involving wiring baby’s brain but also creating neural attachment connections in their mother.
    Ensure individual gentle loving care at all times. Learn your baby’s cues and what they mean. A booklet ‘Getting to Know Your Baby’ 5. 6 provides a wealth of information on baby’s organised and disorganised behaviours and what they need.

    Although this article is written mostly about mothers, fathers also play a critical role in the development of their newborn. Babies need skin to skin on dad too. 2. 7   Did you know just 30 minutes of skin on skin with dad (especially in the first 24 hours) wires his dopamine levels for life. Dr Sears 3 also writes that bonding right after birth brings out sensitivity in dad and that “fathers have their own unique way of relating to babies, and babies thrive on this difference”. So after mum has had a few hours skin to skin at birth, baby will love bonding with his or her daddy. Such a special time for all. Then return to mum as she needs 18 hours uninterrupted skin to skin (preferably in the first 24 post birth) to wire all her circuits, mind, body and social, as more are involved.2 For the premature infant this is even more crucial and needs to be ongoing for as long as possible.
    If for any reason mum is unable to have skin to skin initially or later, dad can bond with his little one during this sensitive period. If neither are able, consider someone else who baby knows well (maybe grandma). Your baby needs a significant presence with a loved one.

    Twins (triplets) also need one another. Imagine being with someone continuously for nine months then suddenly being separated. The ideal is both twins skin to skin on mum with times together on dad. Enabling premature twins connection with one another is important. If mum, dad or significant other is not available, at least consider placing them in the same incubator. If concerned about safety, most small premature infants are monitored and observed continuously. When transported between areas or hospitals, premature twins frequently travel in the same incubator so why not put them together at other times? A beautiful moment I witnessed was when I nested one twin beside her sister in her incubator and she smiled. A precious moment.

    The more premature the infant, the more they need skin to skin.2. 8  Premature babies are less able to tolerate stress and are more dependent on their mother, father and significant others. Technology and expertise in neonatal care has increased survival of premature infants however long term effects are becoming more apparent as we learn more from emotional and social outcomes.

    An international study of premature infants weighing 1000 grams to 1800 grams is in its pilot stage. The IPISTOSS, ‘Immediate Parent-Infant Skin-to-Skin Study’ is planned to enrol 5000 babies. 4000 will have zero separation committed to and shared between 3 people - their mother and 2 others, one preferably their father. The further 1000 infants are the control group who will receive skin to skin as it is currently utilised in neonatal units. All babies receive the full neonatal care they require. Only the place of care differs - continuously on skin to skin or in an incubator / thermal cot with some skin to skin. Follow up is planned for 2 years and if the outcome is positive, it will continue for 30 years. This is a very much needed study, and I for one, thank Nils and Jill Bergman for their continuing pioneering work in this area.

    So get all sensations right and individual for every baby.  Mother’s smell, soft sounds, soft materials, loving gentle touch, gazing into one another’s eyes and breast feeding. Holding your newborn baby provides many of these, but skin to skin is the ultimate.

    In Part 4 we will review how separation can impact on the infants life.

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