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  • META-Health Conference 2015 Hawaii

    In October, I was privileged to meet with many of my META-Health colleagues at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii for the 2015 META-Health Conference.

    Wow, what an inspiring 5 days of presentations and workshops. I attended and loved it all. A repeated theme in many presentations is the need for us to be truly authentic to ourselves. Also the need to support our micro biome, an area the medical profession is finally now beginning to pay attention to, that Christa Krahnert (Naturopathic Doctor, Australia) and Dr Diana Stefani-Hunyadi and L.J Hunyadi (USA) explored.

    I loved Lars Mygind (Denmark) words, in his presentation titled ‘Stress, triggers, disease and symptoms), of wanting the optimal life not the normal. Gary Craig, founder of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) shared with us his latest advancement of EFT, Optimal EFT and ‘The Unseen Therapist’ - the exquisite sense of love and spiritual awareness we can bring to our clients.

    With his amazing opthalmic knowledge Dr Kwesi Anan Odum (Germany), provided insight into the mystery and meaning behind conditions of the eye and their link to being our authentic to self. The most important question in our life is ‘how do you see yourself’. In his second presentation of the ‘Eleven Principles of Harmony’ Dr Kwesi explored ancient Egyptian wisdom and its connection for us in META-Health - our need for inner peace, to be united with each other and in our environment, to feel and give joy, to create, love and nurture, to be good leaders, and to experience freedom in choosing or not choosing to follow our emotions.

    Susanne Billander (Sweden / Costa Rica) emphasised our need to express our divine blueprint and ‘The Five Elements’ we need to build our abundant self - to strip off everything we are not - to ‘get naked’ (Metal), to create our tribe (Water), to lead by following our inner compass (Wood), to show and act on our unique passion (Fire), and to feeling nurtured, supported and safe (Earth).

    Christa guided us to love our microbes, and emphasised our body’s need for minerals - the elements of life, and to think Biological: ’bio’ - life, ‘logi’ - it’s logical, ‘cal’ - we can calculate it, and Love - evolution - everything has to change. She reiterated an important point that if our body is in disharmony, there is a disconnection between spirit, mind and body, resulting in our body becoming acidic which in turn is a signal for our microbes to begin the decomposing process. Christa emphasised the need to provide energy for the healing process, not to go into battle, but to focus on coming into peace and to support life with the basic minerals and an alkaline body.

    Susan Osman (television presenter and Media Consultant, UK) gave us an acronym for the word HEALTH: Harmony, Equilibrium, Acceptance, Love, Trust, Happiness. A dynamic presenter and fantastic MC for the conference. Jasmina Kovacev (Croatia / New Zealand) provided us with five keys when working with cancer clients, the importance in believing in our collective consciousness and the person’s ability to heal, and that ‘disease will leave it’s host when it cannot recognise it anymore’. Helena Kujama’s (Finland) words that UDIN’s (traumatic events in our life that are Unexpected, Dramatic, Isolating, to which we have No response) are our friends and to ‘listen to my heart and do what it tells me to do’ rang very true for me.

    Yohannes Fisslinger (Co-founder of META-Medicine and founder of META-Health University, USA / Germany) presented ‘The 8 Milestones of Self Healing’  an integral component of META-Health, and guided us in a beautiful connection of META-Health and yoga. Yeliz Ruzgar (Turkey / USA) told her story in healing her ovarian cyst and its connection with the second chakra and our alignment with our life purpose. Dr Bernie Siegal (USA) gave us stories and how patient’s drawings show what is going on in their lives. What an inspiration Bernie is for us all in the ‘Art of Healing’. Dr Pedram Shojai (USA) on Skype from the hospital awaiting the birth of his baby, emphasised the need for us to understand the internet, to commit, excel and step into our wisdom as the world needs us.

    Anu Mehta (India) enlightened us all with her dynamic exploration of our connection to our mother and the ‘Mysteries of the Uterus - the woman and the womb’, an area of special interest for me as a neonatal nurse and midwife specialising in nurturing the birth process and enhancing the growth and development of newborn infants and their family. The uterus is a child’s first home - its function is to connect to someone, to keep the baby fetus safe until born. Such an impact on our lives.

    I also had the wonderful opportunity to attend the 2 day Matrix Reimprinting with Penny Croal (UK), following the conference. Wow what an impact this has for me in my passion for guiding clients in their healing journey and especially my love for nurturing neonates and their families. This was the final 2 days in a perfect week. Thank you Penny for being an inspirational teacher, both during conference in linking ‘ancient wisdom with META-Health science’, and within our Matrix training, in leading us in our exploration of self and listening to our and others inner child frozen in the moment of trauma waiting for the chance to express their need to be seen and heard. I would like to extend a huge thank you; to Johannes and everyone involved in organising and providing this wonderful conference and venue in beautiful Hawaii; to all speakers for your gift of knowledge and passion in META-Health; and to all who attended both in person and online.

    You all created a magical time of love and connection