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  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

    When we are using Matrix Reimprinting I will be guiding you to use an emotional and physical healing tool created by Gary Craig ( ) called Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT, is based on our body’s energy circuits (meridians) traditionally used for thousands of years in acupuncture and many other healing techniques.

    When we experience a distressing event that was traumatic for us, our body’s energy system is disrupted. At this time we create an electrical charge and store it within our subconscious mind, a record of the event and a reminder to protect us in case we experience it again in our life. We also form a belief about the world in this moment.

    The first event is usually in our early years, from our very beginning as a tiny embryo (or before), our birth, and as a young child when we were learning about our world and our place in it. From there on in our lives, when a memory of that early event is triggered, our body’s energy system is once again disrupted and we also trigger an associated emotion.

    An emotion creates a cascade of effects on our body affecting energy flow and chemical changes throughout many body organs and our hormonal system. Basically, if our mind doesn’t or can’t deal with stress, our body will store it. Increasing and overwhelming stress can lead to illness, pain, anxiety, and many other health concerns. This, and our beliefs, also influence the decisions we make throughout our life.

    Tapping on specific points on our body, enables us to release energy disruption and emotion in our mind and body.

    The graphic image below shows you where these EFT tapping points are.

    ** Tapping Point Graphic by Karl Dawson