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  • Summary of Thyroid Imbalance from a Mind Body Brain Perspective

    We respond to the environment we live in and your body does not make mistakes. Ask, what is your body trying to tell you.

    Autoimmune diseases relate to a traumatic experience usually early in our life, that involves an attack against self lymphatic response. This ‘attack’ is something you perceived around your self-worth of not being able to cope or trust. Within a loving and supportive environment such as with an experienced practitioner, ask yourself: how, when and why did I become an enemy to myself and / or when did I allow others to influence me, denying my own self worth, thoughts or feelings.

    When the thyroid reacts the conflict theme is either about:     

    1. A recurring powerlessness / fear struggle. I am powerlessness and fearful of    something / someone coming towards me, vulnerable, not safe and I can’t do anything about it.   

    2. A recurring survival issue of being too slow, not quick enough with the need to go faster.                                                                                                                             

    3. Both 1 & 2

    The experienced trauma is individual and unique to the person and is always unanticipated, dramatic and isolating for them.

    You are the key to your own health. Healing comes from within so take full responsibility for your health and wellbeing. Healing from the root causes, not simply easing symptoms. Include others to guide, love and support you but remember the ultimate process of healing is yours. It should always be your journey, your decisions, your choices.

    Awareness of the mind - brain - body connection and the two phases of stress and regeneration, reduces and removes fear of symptoms as it enables understanding of why the body is responding in a particular way. It also guides you in what you can do to support its healing process. Whatever age you are, your inner child remains. Learn to be calmly curious about what you are experiencing.

    Names of health concerns are just names and do not define you. View them as a process - a response to something, your chance to learn and take the action needed to regain your vitality and passion in life.

    Genes are not your destiny. As the research of epigenetics shows us, you have a lot of control over the switching on and off of your genetic inheritance by changing the environment of your cells.

    Nourishing and supporting your body is vital and includes working with the body’s energy system. Look at your lifestyle and environment. Everything you put in and on your body - the food and water you eat and drink, the air you breathe, the personal care and cleaning products you use, the electronic devices you use, and your balance of fun, rest, sleep, exercise and how you move. Be aware of your emotions, your social interactions with others and the beliefs and values you hold.

    How much love do you have for yourself? Love and connection with others is central to survive to reach our greatest potential of health. Isolation increases separation. Find, connect and share with others. Connect with higher powers if this is right for you. Gratitude, love, connection. Find what you need to feel safe, secure, nurtured and loved

    Your empowerment is in your ability to reframe previous beliefs and change how your mind, brain and body responds.

    Understanding your soul journey may also help you understand you are more than your physical presence.

    Your personal growth is in discovering yourself spiritually and finding your passion, your life purpose and what you came into this lifetime to learn.