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  • Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting - Part 1

    An Introduction to Meta Health

    Throughout history people have come to look at things differently   
    New science, new discoveries, new knowledge.  
    I would like to take you on a journey.   
    A new understanding of health, wider and deeper
    Linking, exploring, discovering.

    So, What is Meta Health
    An analysis process involving the meaning of illness / disease
    A method for mind body healing and latest advances for coaching and therapy
    Ancient wisdom and modern science
    ‘Meta’ - the big picture
    Incorporates information from many fields      
    A foundation for all health professionals
    A new paradigm of the future   

    Background Understanding
    We are social beings and we need our family, our community, and others.
    Our body is intelligent and has order and structure  
    Our body never makes mistakes, and nothing our body does is random.
    Dis-ease is a meaningful process - a specific response to a perceived traumatic event - someone yelled at us, hurt us, said something unkind about us or we thought they did, we saw something  …..
    Every symptom has a bio - logical and psychological meaning  -
        A symptom is our body’s way of telling us something is not right.

    Western medicine has generally accepted the connection between stress and illness but has moved away from the root cause for what we are experiencing.

    And little is discussed about the connection between our mind, body, spiritual, and social health.  

    When we experience disconnect from others, we may feel isolated, anxious, and fearful and many other thoughts and feelings, yet so frequently these beliefs and emotions are not addressed.

    Our  stress triggers,  emotions,  thoughts,  and beliefs

    Impact on our organ tissues, and create specific body responses and symptoms. Though we usually only want to suppress them to make them go away.

    What if we could understand our emotions and symptoms and use them as a guidance system.

    To embrace them with curiosity. Like a road map connecting what they mean.

    In Part 2 we will look at how Meta Health provides us with the knowledge to understand our symptoms and emotions.