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  • Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting - Part 2: How does Meta Health inform us?

    Meta health provides us with extensive knowledge

    For example, when someone tells me they have a symptom:

    Lets say they have pain in their right shoulder,

    What is it?    Why is it there?     Well it depends.

    Remember, symptoms are only ‘symptoms’.

    So instead of becoming intolerant to them, learn to  listen to what they are telling you, to provide a smoother, quicker flow to wellness.
    The sooner you  acknowledgevalidate, and  accept your symptoms and emotions the sooner your body can heal.
    You are designed to learn from them so you can become wiser and stronger.

    Through using a Meta Health analysis process and asking specific questions, we can gain extensive insight into why a particular symptom or emotion, or thought process is occurring. This insight is linked to empirical evidence and scientific knowledge.

    These questions include:

    1. Are you right or left wired?  This is not necessarily the hand you write with. Our ‘wiredness’ is important as it has specific meaning for the symptomatic area of your body. 

    2.  What does the associated part of you do biologically?  Its function in your body.

    3.  What relay of the brain controls that part of the body

    This is laid down in your 1st 20 days of life as a tiny embryo. 
    Each of the 4 main areas (relays) of your brain govern precise organ tissues

    4.  What are the themes, the thoughts and the emotions associated with each specific organ tissue?   The specific ‘secret’ language of your body.

    5.  What is going on in your life when you first felt the symptom / emotion?       

    6.  What happened before and since?
    For the shoulder, I would ask, where in your life do you feel responsible for  something  -  like carrying a weight on your shoulders.
    If part of your body aches,  I would ask,  what did you begin to feel better about just before it started to ache.

    7. If there is swelling it tells me you felt isolated, alone, and abandoned.  Part of your kidney is activated when you feel this.

    So now those who understand Meta Health have many answers to these questions and can guide you in your healing.

    Short Video: What is Meta-Health about   (From Meta-Health Conference 2017 In India)

    In part 3 we will explore how our brain works.