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  • Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting - Part 3: Further Understanding

    How does our mind work?

    We have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind.

    Conscious Mind

    With our conscious mind we analyse ourselves and our environment. It is the part of our mind that holds our wishes and desires and it enables us to think in past, present and future.

    Subconscious Mind

    Our Subconscious (unconscious) mind is a data base where we have multiple programmes and beliefs running.

    We may think ‘we’ are in control but actually 95% of our actions and responses are subconscious.

    This part of our mind contains our learned and recorded behaviours, responses and beliefs - programming that shapes our every action. (Joe Dispenza / Bruce Lipton)

    Where do we get this from?

    From the conclusions and beliefs we make about our experiences.

    Much of our subconscious learning is subtle and non verbal, conclusions from powerful learning experiences. We download these from our parents, schools, church, friends, siblings, communities ……

    We also learn them from unconscious modelling and repetition.

    Much of this occurs in our 1st 6 years of life when our brain does not have any ability to filter information. Everything we experience and perceive to be about ourselves is purely and simply downloaded. Everything from the environment in which we live hardwired into our subconscious mind. And it is this that shapes our thinking and actions from there on.

    What about thoughts and emotions - what are these?

    Thoughts and emotions are chemical energy that flood our body. Lots of similar thoughts create a belief, and a strong neural pathway in our brain with lots of energy attached.

    We continuously sense vibration and energy

    Our mind, body and brain function in synchronicity, and together, continuously sense the vibration and energy of our environment and social connections. Newborn babies know this - They, like us as we grow, are always sensing; am I safe or unsafe.

    What about feeling unsafe?

    We are designed to sense danger - it is a basic survival need. If we see a tiger, we are meant to fear and activate an immediate survival response. However, in society now, we are triggered so frequently to move into survival fight, flight, freeze responses, and so many people exist in this survival response all the time. Always on alert.

    What happens when we have a traumatic experience?

    A ‘shock’ - a distressing event

    Unanticipated       Dramatic      Isolating       No strategy

    3 areas are simultaneously impacted

    1. Our mind

    2. Our Brain - in a very specific area to the shock experienced

    3. A very specific corresponding area in our body

    And a process is activated.

    A little part of us freezes in that moment - all nuances of what happened - sounds, smells, sight, tastes, self talk - all recorded in an area of our brain called the Amygdala.

    Why does our brain do this?

    To protect us.   A strategy to survive.

    And at this time we make a belief - ‘its all my fault, mummy doesn't love me, I am bad, not smart, not pretty …… and so on. A belief of how we saw the world in that moment.

    Our body responds - if we have no strategy we freeze and a little part of us splits off - trapped in time in that moment. It is recorded in our memory, within our subconscious brain and our field.

    From there on, whenever something comes up - a thought, reminder (sound, sight, smell, feeling, taste, self talk), we are retriggered back to that time and the belief strategy we formed in case it happened again. Each time we are retriggered it strengthens the nerve pathway, creating a faster connection.

    "Brain cells that fire together, wire together" - a fast connection in our subconscious brain.

    And It affects our life without us realising, a programmed response according to the beliefs we hold.

    In Part 4 we explore our response to Stress Triggers further.