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  • Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting - Part 4: Our Response to a Stress Trigger

    This is where I introduce you to

    The Meta-Health Two Phases Model

    When we experience a something that was a conflict for us - Unexpected,  Dramatic,  Isolating,  and we have No strategy for, our body responds with a ‘biological special programme’.

    This scientifically rigorous and reproducible ‘programme’, is a natural science based on five biological laws.

    Our mind,  brain  and specific body tissue responds in a precise manner.

    We enter Stress Phase (2).  We may now feel and experience body tension,  stress,  obsessive thinking,  sleeplessness,  cooler body,  hands and feet,  nervousness,  and our pulse rate and blood pressure are likely to be elevated.

    In Stress phase our Sympathetic Nervous System is active - our fight, flight or freeze response. However, if we are busy in our lives, we may not notice stress phase.

    When we take an appropriate action, make a strategy, have a solution present itself, or reconnect with a deeper meaning for our symptoms, we experience the Regeneration Trigger (3)  and enter the Regeneration Phase (4).

    We can now feel and experience many symptoms characteristic that our Parasympathetic Nervous System is active - the need to eat, sleep and regenerate. When we have fatigue,  tiredness,  a desire for food,  warmer skin hands and feet,  fever,  a slower pulse and lower blood pressure,  weight gain  and the need to rest and sleep, we are in Regeneration Phase. We usually also experience a sense of relief and difficulty in thinking clearly. Any redness,  heat,  flu,  most joint pains,  skin rashes,  eczema,  headaches,  dizziness and anything diagnosis that ends in ‘itis’,  tells us our body is in Regeneration Phase.

    On full resolution we regain our Health (5).

    The length of time we are in each phase depends on the intensity and duration of the conflict we experience.

    If we are retriggered during any part of this biological process, the path is interrupted. This can lead to chronic or recurring conditions. If we do not find a strategy to regenerate, we remain in the Stress phase.

    As you may have realised, this process is occurring simultaneously on many levels and with different body tissues.

    Some examples


    Organ: Skin Epidermis (outer layer of our skin)

    Stress Trigger Theme:  Separation - Touch we wanted and didn’t have, or unwanted touch

    Eczema symptoms come in Regeneration Phase: Hot, inflamed, red, itchy skin

    Common Cold

    Stress Trigger Theme:  This stinks or I am fed up with this

    In Regeneration Phase we experience a runny nose, sneezing, irritated nasal passages

    Lower back pain

    Organ: Bone / Joints

    Stress Trigger Theme:  Self worth - not strong or good enough, worthless

    Ask where are you feeling unsupported by others or unable to support yourself

    Stress Phase:  Maybe unnoticed

    Regeneration Phase:  Back pain, inflammation, tiredness, fatigue

    Knee pain

    Stress Trigger Theme:  Self worth - not strong / good enough

    Wanting to kick something or someone away or move forward in an area of our life

    Regeneration Phase:  Pain, maybe swelling, decreased function

    Neck pain

    Stress Trigger Theme:  Feelings of injustice.

    Maybe thoughts and feelings could be traced back to a person or situation where we were treated unfairly

    Pain is in Regeneration


    Stress Trigger Theme:  Unable to swallow or accept something

    Tonsillitis comes in Regeneration Phase: Red, swollen tonsils, pain on swallowing, fever, feeling very tired

    Overactive Thyroid

    Stress Trigger Theme:  Survival issue of being too slow, not quick enough - need to go faster, get things done

    Stress Phase symptoms:  Overexcited, nervous, irritable, trouble sleeping, higher blood pressure


    Stress Trigger Theme:  Something resisted, or felt fearful, disgusted and humiliated about


    Stress Trigger Theme:  Visual separation. Lost sight of someone (or pet), loved one moved away, left, died,  or  we were not allowed to see someone  or  we did not want to see someone

    Regeneration Phase:  Conjunctivitis (pink eye). Red, burning, itchy, watery eyes. Inflammation also often involves inside of eyelids


    Stress Trigger Theme:  Not wanting to hear something (social) or needing to hear something (survival).

    Tinnitus comes in Stress phase - Ringing, buzzing, humming, whistling, clicking, tinkling, hissing, roaring in the ear.

    Tinnitus can also continue into early Regeneration phase

    From the above list you will have likely realised that many symptoms come in Regeneration Phase. It is our 2nd biological phase of healing. If we acknowledge our thoughts, feelings and symptoms, and take the action our body is asking us to take - to rest and support healing, we will move through the process faster and with more ease.

    In Part 5 we will explore Matrix Reimprinting and EFT