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  • Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Part 6: Matrix Reimprinting

    In part 5 I introduced you to Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT ) which is based on our body’s energy pathways  (meridians).

    In Matrix Reimprinting we use EFT to go back, through our timeline, to the root cause of our health concern, symptom, emotion, belief, thought, or behavioural pattern.

    To gently connect, disassociated, to the traumatic times in our life.  

    Those times of trauma when a little part of us froze in our subconscious - ‘split off’ to protect us.

    When we made decision to keep us safe - a strategy,  a belief.

    And then, throughout our life, we subconsciously continued to use this strategy and belief.
    But we have forgotten where and why it all started and have little realisation how much it continues to affect our decision making.

    Matrix Reimprinting is a way back to our younger little self, down our timeline to the beginning.

    A chance to give our younger self, a voice to say, and do, what they couldn’t do then.

    We call this younger self,  our ECHO  (Energy Conscious Hologram).

    Remember, our subconscious records everything we experience.  Matrix Reimprinting creates a opportunity to access it.

    We resource the ECHO to feel safe 

    To remain safe is paramount at all times. We ask the ECHO what belief they made at that time - that ‘split off’ moment - and we ask our current self, how it has been serving us since.

    Remember the 4 components of a traumatic event from Part 3:  

    Unexpected    Dramatic for us    Isolating (alone)    No strategy 

    When we go to our younger self and they have us and others of their choice,  they are no longer alone.

    With love, nurturing, and protection, the ECHO can become empowered and create their new strategy.

    We move the ECHO through the trauma and help them release it

    We then Reimprint their most powerful beautiful image - with all their new chosen positive sights, smells, sounds, tastes, feelings, sensations, colours …..          (activating the now positive senses)

    Within minutes new neural pathways form and their new belief is created.

    A further area of passion for me is that of our birth.

    Birth is the beginning of many health concerns

           Pre, during, and post our birth

                     Our birth and birth of our children

    Beliefs are formed in utero and at our birth

    Matrix Birth Reimprinting

    Enables us to explore these beliefs, patterns of behaviour, and health concerns that began pre, during, and post birth.


    • A baby unplanned or unwanted may have lifelong issues of feeling of rejected.
    • The Cord around a baby’s neck at birth may be linked to not wanting to wear anything tight around the neck.
    • A Forceps delivery may create a feeling of being pressured in life, stuck / held back or the need for someone to ‘pull them out’ of a situation.

    A further term I wish to introduce is

    Epigenetics    The science of switching on and off of genes (DNA)

    The most important message is     Genes are not our destiny

    Bruce Lipton states:  "Change your beliefs, change your life destiny"

    This short video links you to this powerful message within the  2016  Matrix Reimprinting Conference  video link

    We have an opportunity, for us, and our children, to examine and change our emotions, our belief system for more supporting enriching ones, and heal our health challenges and concerns.

    A powerful technique for nearly any emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual issue.

    And to perhaps Understand our Soul Path

    So I ask the questions:

    Are you going to leave your younger self trapped in an experience - alone, isolated, with no strategy


    Are you willing to reach out to your ECHO’s, and give them a voice, a way to move through, and learn from, their traumatic experiences?

    A chance to create a new meaning and belief.  

    How might it affect your life now in your search for loving relationships, happiness and wellbeing?

    Who might you become?

    Those who experience Matrix Reimprinting hold many amazing stories - of release of traumatic experiences they have carried for decades and an understanding and personal growth they never knew possible.

    Are you curious to discover more meaning and purpose in your life ?

    In part 7  I will answer the question:

    So what does a healing session with me look like?