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  • Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Part 7: So what does a healing session with me look like?

    A healing session with me includes aspects from each of Parts 1 - 6 of this article series.

    Meta Health analysis   of what  you are experiencing
    Your health concerns, symptoms, emotions, associated traumatic events.

    Discovering the meaning, your beliefs, and values of what is going on in your life. 

    Understanding how your body responds (mind, body and brain) within the 2 Phases.

    And if the beliefs you hold that underpin every action you take, are actually yours or come from someone else.

    Specific Therapy Plan and Conscious Actions:
    You will be guided to feel into your experience and what comes up for you.
    This may be a memory, a picture / image, sound, smell, taste, a thought, an emotion, or just a sense of something.
    I will ask where do you feel it in your body?   And if it has a colour,  a shape,  a size?

    In allowing your feelings and sensations, you can
        Acknowledge and Validate them,  and with guidance,  Accept them    
        Realise what they have come to tell you
        Recognise the belief and strategy you have repeatedly utilised

    When you go to your younger self / your little self,  frozen in the moment of trauma,  how will they feel,  when free from their trapped experience - the time when they felt powerless,  alone,  isolated,  with no strategy?

    When you are willing to reach out to your ECHO’s,  and give them a voice,  a way to move through,  and learn from,  their traumatic experiences,  a chance to create a new meaning and belief -  What could the freedom and learning, be for you?

    In getting out of your body’s way you can allow healing to occur on many levels - cellular, body organ, mind, brain  …..

    For myself, I have been back to many of my ECHO’s.  It is a powerful experience and one of amazing learning and realisation. When something comes up for me,  I go back to my younger self - to my ECHO’s who repeatedly now say,  “You have come to me. I was wondering when you were going to come to me”.  And then together,  myself now and my ECHO then,  explore what was traumatic for them at that time.  Beautiful experiences I cherish. Each creates deeper understanding and personal growth in who I am and what shaped decisions and experiences over my life.

    2 Phases and 8 Milestones

    Finding the root cause,  exploring to release & let it go,  guidance to feeling calm, peaceful and light.  In Flow

    We go beyond a quick fix to building trust in the body’s wisdom and healing ability

    Depending on how you feel, we may ask for guidance from our higher self & divine wisdom (Universe, Source. God ….. - whatever name you wish)    We are energetic beings, and affect and are affected by energy around and within us.    
    Learning to Understand symptoms, health concerns and why you feel a particular way, decreases fear.  Increasing curiosity and reducing / eliminating fear creates space to grow.

    Learn to develop your curiosity in all areas of your life - what has this come to teach you.  What can I learn from this experience.  Self discovery and a sense of self purpose.
    No blame.

    Healing in an energy of love not fear

    “embrace and learn from your own challenges”  Robert Schwartz  ‘Your Soul’s Gift’

    “It is never too late to have a happy childhood” 1

    Heal yourself and your little one  (your children and / or your inner you)
    Reconnection, love and compassion is the way forward for us, our children and our world
    Safe, Secure, Nurtured and Loved

    1.   Davidson, K.  M.

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