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  • 3 Steps to Take When You Feel Overwhelmed

    Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed in your life?

    3 steps you can take to calm and steady yourself

    1.  Start tapping on yourself  

           Using  2  fingers,  tap on any  or  all of these points 

    ** Tapping Point Graphic by Karl Dawson

    2.   Tune into your body and ask:   

             If there was a colour that I right feel now, what would that be?

             Where in my body do I feel that colour and overwhelm?

            Tune into that area in your body    and

             pick up on any other energy   /   feelings that may be there

    3.    Now ask yourself:

           What colour do I need to feel safe right now?

    Think of that colour surrounding you like a comforting, soft, safety blanket,  while you breathe deeply in and out for a count of 6.

    Practice and use this, so every time you feel overwhelmed or anxious, you have a strategy to calm and help yourself.  
    Children can benefit from this too, so teach them what you have learnt so they can discover for themselves how they can regulate their feelings.
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