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  • EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Introduction Workshop

    Would you like an introduction to EFT and Matrix Reimprinting?

    In March I had the privilege of attending and training as an ‘EFT / Matrix Reimprinting Ambassador’  with  Caroline Dawson  in beautiful  Currumbin,  Gold Coast,  Australia.

    Training as a practitioner in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, requires attendance at training workshops, with a Master Trainer in each of there areas.  (Plus watching online videos and and exam).

    Caroline Dawson (sister of Karl Dawson - creator of Matrix Reimprinting) currently offers these trainings in Australia.

    At some point we are hoping 2 day practitioner trainings in EFT will be available in New Zealand 

    Qualification in EFT,  then enables you to attend the further 2 days Practitioner training in Matrix Reimprinting.

    In the mean time

    The Ambassador Training has been created by Karl Dawson, to enable experienced qualified EFT / Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners (like myself) world wide, to present a full one day workshop, so those without knowledge of these powerful processes can learn how it might benefit them, their family and friends.

    This day workshop, is an introduction for you  to EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

                       Image from EFT / Matrix Ambassador Training - copyright Karl Dawson

    Attending this one day workshop you have the opportunity to learn and experience :

    Morning Session

    •  What happens in your body when you have negative emotions
    •  The basic recipe of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a simple easy process you can take with you any where, and use at any time, for just about any issue:     

                 Stress, anxiety, depression, phobias            
                 Physical pain, illness and disease          
                 Relationships, procrastination, abundance …

    •  A process with 4 ingredients: Set up, Sequence, 9 Gamut, Repeat the Sequence     
    •  A demonstration practice   
    •  Time to explore and practice with a partner

    Afternoon Session

    •   Introduction to Matrix Reimprinting
    •  The Quantum Laws of Nature
    •  How we become traumatised
    •  How our subconscious is running the show
    •  Trauma and ECHO Creation -  What is an ECHO?  - a ‘part’ of us that splits away energetically when we experience a traumatic event (big or small)
    •  What Matrix Reimprinting is
    •  The many benefits Matrix Reimprinting has in increasing EFT’s effectiveness:

               Faster, gentle and effective trauma release and resolution
               Gaining wisdom to take the learnings from traumatic events
               Unearthing, understanding and overcoming secondary gains
               Finding preconscious memories (our first 6 years) and core issues

    •   Providing new resources and enabling ECHOs’ to safely move through trauma     
    •  The difference between EFT and Matrix Reimprinting
    •  Beliefs and decisions we may make when we experience trauma
    •  How we might react to similar situations based on these beliefs
    •  Working with an ECHO

    The introduction day will include a powerpoint presentation (to provide structure, visual and auditory … input), group interaction, videos, and time to explore the impact some of your negative experiences may be having on you.

    A chance for you to go deeper within yourself - what might you discover?

    Interested?   If you would like to learn more message me via:   


    connect with me:  click here 

                             Image from EFT / Matrix Ambassador Training - copyright Karl Dawson