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  • Research demonstrates the effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping)

    An increasing body of evidence on the effectiveness of EFT,  is,  and continues to be released from Clinical Research studies.

    •  A series of 9, easy to understand, research spotlight videos created by Dr Peta Stapleton demonstrate EFT’s effectiveness

    Dr Peta Stapleton  is  a  Clinical and Health Psychologist,  Associate Professor at Bond University,  Gold Coast,  Australia,  and world researcher in EFT / Tapping.

    Learn about the extraordinary results for PTSD,  and,  those significant for anxiety and depression

    Physiological outcomes that occur after EFT, including DNA changes, brain and hormone changes

    Food cravings and weight loss.

    This link will take you directly to the first of this series and links to further studies.            Click here

    • The Slovenian Ministry of Education has recognised the impact of EFT for their children of all ages, in their decision in 2016, to officially offer and 75% fund  training for all teachers and educational workers in Slovenian secondary and primary schools and kindergartens. 

    •  An ‘arm’ of the UK government has acknowledged the ever-growing research base of EFT for PTSD treatment.

    • Other research links:






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