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  • My specialty

    Why were we born to be here on earth?  My answer? 

    To discover, learn and grow from each and every experience we have.

    A question was recently asked around practitioners specialty.
    I would like to share some revelations around my niche.  

    I am currently working with my eyes - willingly looking deeply to the foundation of my wearing gasses since the age of 7 years. This is raising my awareness and working with my ECHO’s (younger self) at many ages on so many levels.

    Enabling loving gentle birth and nurturing babies and their family has been my greatest passion since the beginning of my nursing and midwifery career, and as a Meta-Health / EFT / Matrix Reimprinting / Birth practitioner.

    A few days ago, in my morning meditation, my eyes, my specialty as a practitioner, and the word “in-sight” arose as an unplanned focus. Our language reveals our subconscious mind -   ‘in sight’ !!
    In mentioning to my husband the revelations and even deeper connections in my meditation, I said “I have to specialise” - the irony of my words “I have two Special Eyes”.  

    As a neonatal nurse, I provide Special neonatal care within baby unit for babies and their families.

    My learning as a practitioner ?  my niche ?   -  I provide ‘two special eyes’ for

    • The experience of each, in-utero, sick, premature, and well baby, and their family.
    • Traumatic experiences during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

    Nurturing  and  connecting  back  the sacred bond of the infant,  their mother,  father,  and family,  the  foundation  for  their  life,  and  our  humanity.