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    Hashimoto's Thyroiditis - A New Path of Learning and Discovery

    New Zealand Meditation

    • A 15 minute meditation to help you find calm and peace in your day. And the call of a Bellbird.   click here

    Love Compassion and Connection

    • Love is the only way forward, for us, our children, humanity and our earth.     click here

    EFT, Matrix Reimprinting Introduction Workshop

    • A full day of learning - A chance for you to go deeper within yourself - what might you discover?      click here

    My Speciality

    • The experience of each, in-utero, sick, premature, and well baby, and their family.
    • Traumatic experiences during pregnancy, birth and beyond.  click here

    Research demonstrates the effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT / Tapping

    • An increasing body of evidence on the effectiveness of EFT,  is,  and continues to be released from Clinical Research studies.  click here

    Helping Kids with Mental Health Issues: Can it really start in utero or at birth?  
    • In this webinar, Webinar Sharon King,  Sonja Courtis,  and  Gaylene Hansen discuss this vital topic.    click here

    Babies, Birth, Relationships and Love  
    •   An article written for   Meta-Healthy Life    online magazine   click here

     'How your Birth Affects your Life'  click here
    •     Online webinar with Sharon King, Gaylene Hansen and Sonja Courtis

    Nurturing Naturally workshop events
    •   Nurturing Naturally NZ is joining with Sensitive Aotearoa to bring you 5 workshops.     May & June 2018  click here

    EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Introduction Workshop
    •   Would you like an introduction to EFT and Matrix Reimprinting?    click here

    Matrix Birth Reimprinting
    •   My training in ‘Matrix Birth Reimprinting & Matrix Life Purpose’ with their creator, Sharon King.  This qualification enables me to work with Birth Traumas and pre-conscious memories.   click here

    New Zealand Meditation
    •    A 15 minute meditation to help you find calm and peace in your day. And the call of a Bellbird.  click here

    3 Steps to Take When You Feel Overwhelmed
    •    To calm and steady yourself   Feb 26, 2018  click here

    Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting 
        Part 1    Sep 25, 2017   click here
        Part 2    How does Meta-Health inform us   Oct 07, 2017  click here
        Part 3    Further Understanding   Oct 25, 2017  Click here
        Part 4    Our Response to a stress trigger   Nov 10, 2017 click here
        Part 5    What is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)    Nov 20, 2017  click here
        Part 6    Matrix Reimprinting  Nov 28, 2017  Chick here
        Part 7    So what does a healing season with me look like Jan 12, 2018  click here

    Why Newborn Babies Need Skin to Skin Nurturing
        Part 1   Jul 03, 2017   here
        Part 2   Jul 17, 2017    here
        Part 3   Aug 01, 2017   here
        Part 4   Aug 16, 2017   here

    Make your own toothpaste and shampoo / conditioner  Jun 20, 2017   here

    Pregnancy and Thyroid Imbalance
        Part 1    Overview, Infertility, and Thyroid Imbalance   Mar 07, 2017   here
        Part 2    Miscarriage, Pregnancy and Thyroid Imbalance  Mar 14, 2017     here
        Part 3    Thyroid Imbalance Postpartum   Mar 21, 2017     here
        Part 4    Postpartum Depression and Thyroid Imbalance  Apr 04, 2017     here
        Part 5    Postpartum Depression and Copper Connection   Apr 14, 2017     here
        Part 6    Addressing Pregnancy / Postpartum …   Apr 26, 2017    here
        Thyroid Imbalance Summary - Mind Body Brain Perspective  May 08, 2017    here

    Our Body’s Response to Overwhelm   Jan 08, 2017    here

    Hashimoto's Thyroiditis - A New Path of Learning and Discovery
        Part 1    Oct 29, 2016   here
        Part 2    Nov 06, 2016   here
        Part 3    Nov 14, 2016   here
        Part 4    Nov 23, 2016    here

    ‘Sleep Driving' is not recommended    Oct 27, 2016   here

    Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)    Jun 08, 2016   here

    My Story – Gaylene Hansen - A Journey    Mar 02, 2016   here

    META-Health Conference 2015 Hawaii    Feb 29, 2016    here

    Breast Feeding Mums - Steps in Latching Your Little One    Feb 28, 2016    here

    Nurturing Naturally Online    Feb 28, 2016