Chemical free health
  • EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Introduction Workshop Nelson, New Zealand


    Morning Session

    The basic recipe of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

    •  A simple easy process you can take with you any where, and use at any time, for just about any issue:     

                 Stress, anxiety, depression, phobias            
                 Physical pain, illness and disease          
                 Relationships, procrastination, abundance, goals  …

    •  What happens in your body when you have negative emotions

    •  A process with 4 ingredients: Set up, Sequence, 9 Gamut, Repeat the Sequence     
    •  A demonstration practice and time to explore and practice with a partner

    Afternoon Session

    Introduction to Matrix Reimprinting

    •  The Quantum Laws of Nature
    •  How we become traumatised
    •  How our subconscious is running the show
    •  Trauma and ECHO Creation -  What is an ECHO?  - a ‘part’ of us that splits away energetically when we experience a traumatic event (big or small)
    •  The many benefits Matrix Reimprinting has in increasing EFT’s effectiveness:

               Faster, gentle and effective trauma release and resolution
               Gaining wisdom to take the learnings from traumatic events
               Unearthing, understanding and overcoming secondary gains
               Finding preconscious memories (our first 6 years) and core issues

    •   Providing new resources and enabling ECHOs’ to safely move through trauma     
    •  The difference between EFT and Matrix Reimprinting
    •  Beliefs and decisions we may make when we experience trauma
    •  How we might react to similar situations based on these beliefs
    •  Working with an ECHO

    The introduction day will include a powerpoint presentation (to provide structure, visual and auditory … input), group interaction, videos, and time to explore the impact some of your negative experiences, may be having on you.

    A chance for you to go deeper within yourself - what might you discover?

    Interested?   If you would like to learn more message me via:   


    or   phone 03 5451618 (NZ)  or txt message  0272303505

    Directions to Wakapuaka Estate      (Previously Garindale Estate)

    Calm, tranquil rural setting with ample parking, on State Highway 6, just north of Nelson 8 min from the central city.

  • Make your own toothpaste and shampoo / conditioner

    Have you ever wanted to make your own toothpaste and hair shampoo?

    Recipes for easy, safe alternatives


    • Organic Coconut Oil (3 tbsp)
    • Baking Soda - aluminium free (1 -2 tsp)
    • Himalyan or Celtic Salt - to provide many minerals
    • + / -   Ground organic Egg Shells (1 tsp) to provide more minerals (remove the inner lining, boil for 3 - 5 minutes, drain the water, allow to dry then grind - coffee grinder is perfect)
    • I used to add Essential Oils like Peppermint (10 drops), Myhrr (2 drops) or TeaTree (8 drops) but now prefer not to as they alter the natural microbiome of the mouth -    but you might like to

    Hair Shampoo:

        Baking Soda (2 tsp aluminium free) and fill bottle with clean Water

                (preferably chlorine and fluoride free) - thats it

        Can add a couple of drops of Essential Oil -

                  Lemon, Orange or your choice

    Hair Conditioner:

        Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (approx 3 tbsp) and fill bottle with Water.

               Removes tangles, and no your hair does not smell of vinegar


    Simple, inexpensive, no nasty chemicals