• What was your, your children's and loved ones, in utero and birth experience?

    Join an interview replay, with:

    Sharon King  (International Expert in Birthing Healing from the UK),

    Sonja Courtis  (Emotional wellbeing specialist Christchurch NZ) and myself,

    Gaylene Hansen (neonatal nurse, registered midwife, health coach Nelson NZ)

    Understand the connection between your birth experience and your life experiences.

    This video shares invaluable knowledge and insights including:

    • how your birth may affect your life
    • beliefs you,  your  children,  family,  friends ....  may have taken on, from what you and they experienced in utero and at birth
    • how it may play out throughout your and their life 

    We also guide you in the birth bonding process and introduce you to Matrix  Birth  Reimprinting, a  gentle  loving  way  to enable healing of birth trauma.

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  • Event: 'How your Birth Affects your Life' online webinar with Sharon King, Gaylene Hansen and Sonja Courtis

    Join Sharon King (International Expert in Birthing Healing from the UK), Sonja Courtis (Emotional wellbeing specialist NZ) and myself, Gaylene Hansen (neonatal nurse, registered midwife, health coach NZ), in a live webinar - Understanding the connection between your birth experience and your life experiences.

    We will share some invaluable knowledge and insights into how your birth affects your life, how to birth calmly, and enable healing of birth trauma.

    To access: click on this link


  • EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Introduction Workshop

    Would you like an introduction to EFT and Matrix Reimprinting?

    In March I had the privilege of attending and training as an ‘EFT / Matrix Reimprinting Ambassador’  with  Caroline Dawson  in beautiful  Currumbin,  Gold Coast,  Australia.

    Training as a practitioner in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, requires attendance at training workshops, with a Master Trainer in each of there areas.  (Plus watching online videos and and exam).

    Caroline Dawson (sister of Karl Dawson - creator of Matrix Reimprinting) currently offers these trainings in Australia.

    At some point we are hoping 2 day practitioner trainings in EFT will be available in New Zealand 

    Qualification in EFT,  then enables you to attend the further 2 days Practitioner training in Matrix Reimprinting.

    In the mean time

    The Ambassador Training has been created by Karl Dawson, to enable experienced qualified EFT / Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners (like myself) world wide, to present a full one day workshop, so those without knowledge of these powerful processes can learn how it might benefit them, their family and friends.

    This day workshop, is an introduction for you  to EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.

                       Image from EFT / Matrix Ambassador Training - copyright Karl Dawson

    Attending this one day workshop you have the opportunity to learn and experience :

    Morning Session

    •  What happens in your body when you have negative emotions
    •  The basic recipe of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a simple easy process you can take with you any where, and use at any time, for just about any issue:     

                 Stress, anxiety, depression, phobias            
                 Physical pain, illness and disease          
                 Relationships, procrastination, abundance …

    •  A process with 4 ingredients: Set up, Sequence, 9 Gamut, Repeat the Sequence     
    •  A demonstration practice   
    •  Time to explore and practice with a partner

    Afternoon Session

    •   Introduction to Matrix Reimprinting
    •  The Quantum Laws of Nature
    •  How we become traumatised
    •  How our subconscious is running the show
    •  Trauma and ECHO Creation -  What is an ECHO?  - a ‘part’ of us that splits away energetically when we experience a traumatic event (big or small)
    •  What Matrix Reimprinting is
    •  The many benefits Matrix Reimprinting has in increasing EFT’s effectiveness:

               Faster, gentle and effective trauma release and resolution
               Gaining wisdom to take the learnings from traumatic events
               Unearthing, understanding and overcoming secondary gains
               Finding preconscious memories (our first 6 years) and core issues

    •   Providing new resources and enabling ECHOs’ to safely move through trauma     
    •  The difference between EFT and Matrix Reimprinting
    •  Beliefs and decisions we may make when we experience trauma
    •  How we might react to similar situations based on these beliefs
    •  Working with an ECHO

    The introduction day will include a powerpoint presentation (to provide structure, visual and auditory … input), group interaction, videos, and time to explore the impact some of your negative experiences may be having on you.

    A chance for you to go deeper within yourself - what might you discover?

    Interested?   If you would like to learn more message me via:   


    connect with me:  click here 

                             Image from EFT / Matrix Ambassador Training - copyright Karl Dawson

  • Matrix Birth Reimprinting

    In March 2018 I had the pleasure of flying to the Gold Coast Australia to train in ‘Matrix Birth Reimprinting & Matrix Life Purpose’ with their creator, Sharon King.  This qualification enables me to work with Birth Traumas and pre-conscious memories.

    As a neonatal nurse, midwife, mother, Matrix Reimprinting and Meta-Health practitioner, I have been following Sharon's work for some years. I loved her book ‘Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life’ and consider it compulsory reading for everyone who has been born, given birth, and for all who work with clients and child birth.

    Attending this training has enabled me to go deeper in my understanding of the impact of our birth on our life.

    Through going back to my birth, I learnt why I have such a deep passion for keeping babies with their mothers (and fathers) and skin to skin nurturing.

    I was born in the era when newborn babies were placed in a nursery and taken out to their mothers for feeding 4 hourly. Guided gently and lovingly by a colleague on my Matrix Birth Reimprinting training, I went back to my newly born self.  Not to become her, but to be with her.  She was in her cot, crying.  Separated from her mother as was every other baby in that nursery room.
    Being able to say and do what she wanted is / was life changing for her and me.  We wrapped her gently in a soft pink blanket - her chosen colour for safety.  We asked her what she needed.  Together, we created the 3 things she wanted - her angel to come and watch over her,  her daddy to take her to her mummy and put her back on skin to skin. This was profound for her,  but she wanted more.  She wanted all the other babies daddies to take them to their mummies too, to be placed on skin to skin, nurtured with no separation.

    On my visits back to that nursery room, multiple times since, it was always empty.
    Several days later I went back into the ‘matrix’ and changed that room, to be a place for nurturing babies on their mothers and fathers. Soft lighting and gentle music now fills that room. A place of comfort with lazy boy chairs. A place for babies, mothers, fathers and families where only love and connection exists.

    This is the ability we have with Matrix Birth Reimprinting for any birth experience.

    Babies are conscious beings from the moment of conception and they remember their birth and time in utero (Chamberlain, 2013). Every thought, feeling and emotion is recorded (King, 2018). There are many research studies and countless birth reimprinting stories that show us this is repeatedly true.

    Our birth story makes a difference to us. It sets the stage for our experiences in life, how our brain develops, how we organise ourselves and how we relate to our world.

    I reach out to you and ask:   

    • Is your experience of birth affecting your life?     

                  or the life of your children?

    • Were you or your little one fearful or anxious during pregnancy and birth?
    • Did you experience a traumatic event during your time in utero or when pregnant or during birth
    • Did you have a fast birth?
    • Were you induced, born by caesarean, forceps, ventouse, stuck, or had your cord tightly around your neck during your birth?
    • Did you or your children experience separation?
    • Are you aware, that the health concerns / relationship issues you are experiencing during your life may relate to your birth?

    If any of these questions, or many others I have not asked, bring up memories or trigger you in any way, remember, we (and our parents and those involved in our birth) were always doing the best we could with the knowledge and understanding we had at that time (King, 2018). 

    It is how   we  perceive our experiences in life that is relevent for us. And our reality  will likely differ from others perception even if they were there at that time.

    We also all come into this world to learn through our experiences.

    Be open to the possibility that you can reconnect with your little self and your parents through Matrix Birth Reimprinting, to have the perfect birth and bonding experience for you and to take the learnings and move forward in your life.

    With loving, gentle guidance you can also recreate the birth you wanted for your children and if you are pregnant, future imprint the birth you want for your baby. What might this change in your and their life?

    Enabling gentle loving birth and healing birth trauma is the foundation and the way forward for us all. At the time we were actually in utero and born, or through Matrix Birth Reimprinting.

    It matters how we are born (Bergman, 2016).

    If this resonates with you and you would like to learn more or experience Matrix Birth Reimprinting, message me via:   


    connect with me:  click here 


    It is never too late to have the birth of your choice. 


    Bergman, N. (2016). Personal communication. Skin to Skin Evidence and Implementation Seminar. Wellington, New Zealand.

    Chamberlain, D. (2013). Windows to the Womb. North Atlantic Books: California.

    King, S. (2018), Personal communication. Matrix Birth Reimprinting Training, Gold Coast Australia.

  • 3 Steps to Take When You Feel Overwhelmed

    Do you often feel stressed and overwhelmed in your life?

    3 steps you can take to calm and steady yourself

    1.  Start tapping on yourself  

           Using  2  fingers,  tap on any  or  all of these points 

    ** Tapping Point Graphic by Karl Dawson

    2.   Tune into your body and ask:   

             If there was a colour that I right feel now, what would that be?

             Where in my body do I feel that colour and overwhelm?

            Tune into that area in your body    and

             pick up on any other energy   /   feelings that may be there

    3.    Now ask yourself:

           What colour do I need to feel safe right now?

    Think of that colour surrounding you like a comforting, soft, safety blanket,  while you breathe deeply in and out for a count of 6.

    Practice and use this, so every time you feel overwhelmed or anxious, you have a strategy to calm and help yourself.  
    Children can benefit from this too, so teach them what you have learnt so they can discover for themselves how they can regulate their feelings.
    More on overwhelm:  Click here

    More on EFT: Click here


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  • Meta Health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Part 7: So what does a healing session with me look like?

    A healing session with me includes aspects from each of Parts 1 - 6 of this article series.

    Meta Health analysis   of what  you are experiencing
    Your health concerns, symptoms, emotions, associated traumatic events.

    Discovering the meaning, your beliefs, and values of what is going on in your life. 

    Understanding how your body responds (mind, body and brain) within the 2 Phases.

    And if the beliefs you hold that underpin every action you take, are actually yours or come from someone else.

    Specific Therapy Plan and Conscious Actions:
    You will be guided to feel into your experience and what comes up for you.
    This may be a memory, a picture / image, sound, smell, taste, a thought, an emotion, or just a sense of something.
    I will ask where do you feel it in your body?   And if it has a colour,  a shape,  a size?

    In allowing your feelings and sensations, you can
        Acknowledge and Validate them,  and with guidance,  Accept them    
        Realise what they have come to tell you
        Recognise the belief and strategy you have repeatedly utilised

    When you go to your younger self / your little self,  frozen in the moment of trauma,  how will they feel,  when free from their trapped experience - the time when they felt powerless,  alone,  isolated,  with no strategy?

    When you are willing to reach out to your ECHO’s,  and give them a voice,  a way to move through,  and learn from,  their traumatic experiences,  a chance to create a new meaning and belief -  What could the freedom and learning, be for you?

    In getting out of your body’s way you can allow healing to occur on many levels - cellular, body organ, mind, brain  …..

    For myself, I have been back to many of my ECHO’s.  It is a powerful experience and one of amazing learning and realisation. When something comes up for me,  I go back to my younger self - to my ECHO’s who repeatedly now say,  “You have come to me. I was wondering when you were going to come to me”.  And then together,  myself now and my ECHO then,  explore what was traumatic for them at that time.  Beautiful experiences I cherish. Each creates deeper understanding and personal growth in who I am and what shaped decisions and experiences over my life.

    2 Phases and 8 Milestones

    Finding the root cause,  exploring to release & let it go,  guidance to feeling calm, peaceful and light.  In Flow

    We go beyond a quick fix to building trust in the body’s wisdom and healing ability

    Depending on how you feel, we may ask for guidance from our higher self & divine wisdom (Universe, Source. God ….. - whatever name you wish)    We are energetic beings, and affect and are affected by energy around and within us.    
    Learning to Understand symptoms, health concerns and why you feel a particular way, decreases fear.  Increasing curiosity and reducing / eliminating fear creates space to grow.

    Learn to develop your curiosity in all areas of your life - what has this come to teach you.  What can I learn from this experience.  Self discovery and a sense of self purpose.
    No blame.

    Healing in an energy of love not fear

    “embrace and learn from your own challenges”  Robert Schwartz  ‘Your Soul’s Gift’

    “It is never too late to have a happy childhood” 1

    Heal yourself and your little one  (your children and / or your inner you)
    Reconnection, love and compassion is the way forward for us, our children and our world
    Safe, Secure, Nurtured and Loved

    1.   Davidson, K.  M.

    If this resonates with you   I offer

    • 1  to  1  consultations in Nelson

    • Online consultations worldwide via Skype, Facebook video / phone.

                    Or another online source you would like to use

    • Free 15 minute intro chat

    • Presentations: 

                Prenatal care     

                Why Newborn Babies Need Skin to Skin Nurturing
                                  The impact of separation      

                The Mind - Body - Brain - Social  Connection              

                 Thyroid Imbalance

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