Matrix Reimprinting



  • A form of Energy Psychology
  • A therapy using tapping on meridians
  • Incorporates principles of Quantum Physics
  • Uses Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Evolved from Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • A gentle process
  • Founded by Karl Dawson


  • Address traumatic past experiences at the deepest level
  • Release stress and trauma from your body’s energy system
  • Resolve emotional and physical traumatic past issues
  • Create a new positive memory
  • Personal transformation on both a physical and emotional level
  • Attract more positive experiences into your life
  • Improve your physical and emotional health

Matrix Reimprinting does not deny what happened. It tunes us into a view that is more resourceful for us where we can release the stress and trauma we experienced.


Understanding the mind - body - brain connection is a therapy in itself. For some clients, healing occurs with learning and understanding their body’s innate intelligence and biological response to a physical or emotional disruption.

My knowledge of this connection and the questions I ask during the analysis process, provide me with a lot of information about what is happening for you. This process involves 2 phases and 8 milestones of healing.

Matrix Reimprinting then enables me to guide you to an earlier time in your life when this past memory created stress for you. Think of Matrix like being in a play and then stepping into it but remaining disassociated from actually feeling everything you were experiencing. With Matrix Reimprinting you can give your ‘little’ you, frozen in the trauma, resources and a voice to say what he / she wanted to say or do, create a new picture, and transform the memory to a positive experience. Using EFT tapping on the meridian points accelerates the process.   Read more about EFT

For me, birth is an area I am deeply passionate about. To nurture our children and their optimum growth and development, bringing them into the world able to cope with what life presents them. Enabling them to feel love, empathy, connection with others, safe and secure, all within strong survival instincts. What more can any parent wish for.

Matrix Birth Reimprinting enables you to go back to your birth experiences, be it your birth or the birth of your children. As with any other time in your life, if this was traumatic for you in any way, the beliefs you formed and the conclusions your unconscious mind made about the world in this moment, can influence your future decisions and actions. What if you could change those beliefs to what serves you better. How would this impact on your choices and life goals?

What I love about these processes is how gentle and empowering it is for you to learn how to release the trauma and transform your life. The knowing you hold within you never ceases to amaze me. You are the gift to your healing, health and wellbeing, past, present and future.


Matrix Reimprinting - Karl Dawson

Bruce Lipton