Success Stories

Dear Gaylene.

How lovely to have met you, taken part in your wonderful workshop, and to have had the opportunity to delve into the unseen and unimagined, with you.

Your Spirit exudes an authentic warmth and wisdom, and is a safe and welcoming space - You light up and shine with an innocent joy, in friendship, as you share with others a deeper wisdom that you wish to impart for our journey here. You take us there, with you.  

I am Blessed to have shared time with you, and to have walked with you alongside me, to my own inner healing and deeper understanding. Thank you.   Marsha,  Canada

Gaylene has supported and guided me through some the darkest days of my life.

I have been ill for most of my life with chronic fatigue syndrome / fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression and more recently Non-epileptic attack disorder.

My life is such a complicated tangled mess I felt no therapist could ever help me sort through it, as my thoughts, choices, lifestyle and consequent health has become so emeshed. I saw no way out.

From the moment I first “met” Gaylene on Skype, I had complete confidence in her abilities. Having such a kind, gentle and professional manner, along with comprehensive medical knowledge of my conditions, reassured me that I had found the right person to work with.

I find Gaylene’s understanding and explanation of how and why illnesses manifest, so helpful in instilling a great deal of trust in working through my physical and emotional challenges with her genuine unwavering support.

Presently, one session at a time, Gaylene is skilfully facilitating my healing of past traumas, health, lifestyle challenges and negative mind set. More positively still, Gaylene is totally supporting me to set realistic achievable positive goals through the transformation techniques she uses so effectively.

For the first time in many years I am now set on a course for deep healing, good health happiness and fulfillment. ( At long last!)

If you are looking for a true understanding professional to assist you on your healing journey, you have come to the right place. You will be in safe hands to assist you to achieve in a happy, healthy successful future; one step at a time. To quote Gaylene’s wise words of encouragement; “First walk, then run, then fly.”

Before I felt like I had jumped out of an aeroplane unprepared. Now I have a parachute and a co pilot.     Corinne, England

When I met with Gaylene I presented with a weak and tender shoulder and I was unable to lift my arm up without a lot of pain. Gaylene took me on a meditation to a time where I was disempowered and scared and we changed the story. That is the short version of the treatment. I enjoyed the process and realised a lot about what had happened to me and how it had affected me. My shoulder felt better right away, but the next morning there was no sign of the pain in my shoulder which I thought would take weeks to heal. I am very happy to write a testimonial for Gaylene and the work she does. She understands the language of the body and how the mind and soul works. She is a gentle yet powerful health coach.

As one of Gaylene's colleagues, I can tell that she is the type that you feel jealous of. But when I became her client, I really thanked GOD. She has her unique professional touch in applying meta medicine. With her kind warm voice, smart wise mind, and sympathetic personality she was very successful in guiding me through a wonderful healing journey and I resolved two health issues with her for good besides feeling full of energy after each session with her.

I highly recommend her for each one has a health issue, and I am grateful and proud that she is my friend and colleague.   Rand M. Khafagy B.D.S., MSc Oral medicine, Master practitioner in Meta-Health

Many thanks for your sensitivity and expertise in our sessions, you are an exceptionally gifted META-Health Master Practitioner :)   Susan