Work With Me


If you have a health concern, symptom, traumatic life experience, a birth experience that was not a positive time for you, or are a parent or grandparent wanting to find answers.

One on one, approximately 90 minute, in person or online.

Pre and post consultation correspondence - via email, messenger, Facebook.

In working with me, I will guide you in your healing journey. Together we will explore the meaning of your concern within a safe, nurturing, compassionate, loving partnership.


In person consultations and group presentations are held in Nelson New Zealand.

Online consultations are available via Skype and Zoom.


Attending a presentation is an excellent way to learn about the mind - body - brain connection, the innate wisdom of your body and your ability for self healing.

    The mind - body - brain connection

    Your thoughts change your health

    The effects of Separation and the importance of Connection for our health and wellbeing

    Prenatal and Newborn nurturing

    Matrix Birth Reimprinting

    Emotional Freedom Technique - specific to the needs of the group

The above Group presentations are 1 - 2 hours.

Full day Presentation: Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting


Why do you have this health concern or symptom, why now, what does it mean, what can you do about it?

Throughout your life, but especially in your first six years, you create fundamental beliefs based on your perceptions and experiences, beliefs that then shape your further decisions. Realising and learning the meaning of these beliefs and patterns, and how they affect you in your daily life, can be very revealing. Releasing those that no longer serve you can be very liberating.

Within a META-Health / Meta Consciousness, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting framework I will guide you in your discovery of connections and things about yourself. For many this may be a time of personal growth. Learn more about Nurturing Naturally Coaching  Matrix Reimprinting  


Although I am with you, your journey and the choices you wish to make are always yours. Healing comes from within you.


I incorporate the art and science of healing with my extensive nursing knowledge, skills and speciality in neonatal, midwifery and family orientated care.

I have a deep passion to extend the areas I teach in my role as a neonatal nurse, world wide.  My 'babies, parents, families' blog incorporates my love for nurturing sick, premature and well neonates and their family. I love the science behind our body's innate wisdom, and enabling parents to discover and meet the needs of themselves and their newborn. Providing experiences in these early weeks for strong neural pathways, that set them up for life.

Enhancing skin to skin and breast feeding is my favourite thing to do at 'work' - placing a little one, whether well, sick or premature, skin to skin on their mother (the most natural place outside in utero). Guiding mothers and fathers to follow their baby's cues to feed, mother's (father's) hands and touch, enabling successful breast feeding and observing and learning their infants unique behaviours - traffic light observations of readiness to engage or not, is a further passion. For mums who are unable to breast feed, placing your newborn skin to skin will also optimise the loving gentle touch and closeness he / she needs and invoke their powerful senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting). Love flows - I feel it too in a beautiful gooey feeling in my shoulders, my own oxytocin (love hormone) rush.

For those who have had difficult in-utero and / or birth experiences, miscarriages and anxiety I will guide you gently and safely through your healing.